In the beginning...

I have just started work on Thanos of Titan (not Thanos of Skegness as he is often confused with). I was not very satisfied with the Marvel Select figure they had of him. After some deliberation I decided to make him in his recent costume rather than that blue and gold thing he's been saddled with for years.
I am having a blast creating him from a Galactus series Hulk figure, and it's got me wanting to make an entire Annihilation series.

I decided to keep Thanos's heart on the inside of his body. Maybe a Drax figure will turn up and sort that out for him though.

I have also been touching up (no, not like that) my very old custom figures of Vincent Price and Sadako. They are the only two custom figures that still look good in my eyes. I may put some photos on of my older customs that don't look so good now. Not because of any poor work but just because the action figure world has moved on so much since Marvel Legends hit.