Glamour and Glitter, Fashion and Fame!

Here's a custom of 80's animation sensation, Jem! I was asked by a friend to make this one, along with a base. It's supposed to be Jem from her Deception music video.

Jem's hair was the trickiest thing for this custom. I had to build it up in layers over a few days to get that volume! Jem has little diamanté earrings and choker. She also has magnets in her hands so that she can hold her masque and microphone.

After taking these photos and checking the video again, it was clear that her hair was far too purple. I fixed it to be a candy floss pink before delivering the custom, but didn't have time to take new photos.

The base is similar to my Mysteria one, but with a removable masque and cell painted Jem logo.

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John said...

Truly outrageous.