Machine Man (and Inhuman's best zombified friend)

Aaron Stack, designation X-51 from Dr. Abel Stack's self-built sequence of sentient humanoid combat robots.

I copied that bit right out of Nextwave.


I copied that bit too.

Anyway, yes, here's my latest commission. He's come for you, fleshies!

Machine Man

Machine Man is made from a big hunka, hunka Nick Fury.

  • ML 2 pack Nick Fury is the body

  •  ML 2 pack Ultimate Nick Fury donated the coat.

  •  His head is from ML Face Off unmasked Daredevil, and the hair and eyes (obviously) are sculpted.

His hands are from SOTA Street Fighter Remy.

Pretty simple? WRONG!

Machine Man is a living, burning inferno of customising hell. All those pegs and sockets and extending, bendable attachments... it's like somebody turned out Jodi Foster's bedside table.

X-51 here has a couple (understatement) of extras. I inserted the sockets from SOTA Remy into his arms so that he can swap in and out extra hands... n stuff.

I took a SOTA Gen hand and chopped of the finger tips, and added random stuff. His swiss army hand has a blade, a pistol barrel, a flamethrower nozzle, a pincer... and a comb for those unkempt moments when he's crawled out of Fing Fang Foom's underpants (see Nextwave issue 2 if you don't believe that).

He also has a buzzsaw attachment as seen on the cover of Marvel Zombies 3. I used the arm of a Buzzsaw Samurai from Astro Boy for this.

He also has 2 guns. One is made from ML War Machine, and the other is made from IM2 War Machine along with a gun from a Spectacular Spider-man figure.

And then he's got his extending arms.

These are separate attachments, again with a peg and socket at each end from a SOTA Remy figure. For the arms themselves I used a metal sink and drain cleaner. This is a tight spiral of metal that I thought looked pretty convincing for his extending limbs, and I inserted a length of wire hanger into it so that it bends and holds poses. It was a careful balancing act between the length of the arm and the tightness of the shoulder joint. The longer the arm, the greater the moment and the more likely the shoulder joint will slip and he won't be able to support his own arm. Anyway, I used super glue to tighten the shoulder just enough so that his arms won't sag. There's nothing worse than getting to full extension and then just flopping....


As his extending arms have the same sockets as his normal arms, he can again have any combination of guns, hands, etc. in there.

I wasn't asked to do anything more than that, but I thought, what the hell, and gave him extending legs too. I used SOTA Adon pegs and sockets for these. In the same way as the arms, these can bend and hold their pose.

And I thought while I was at it, I might as well do a zombified Lockjaw to accompany him when he's traversing realities to save Ultron's bit of fluff from zombie death. Inspired by this image from Marvel Zombies 3.

Lockjaw is made from a Little Nicky Mr. Beefy toy with the wang removed and the rear, peeing leg converted to a normal one. I mauled his face and sculpted in some teeth and then plastered it all with hot glue and tamiya clear red paint. There's also another arm attachment for Machine Man that acts as a leash for Lockjaw.

Bow down, hoo-man "friends." He is Aaron Stack, hero robot, and you can bite his valve!

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