The Human Rocket

I've not posted here in a long time, but I had made another figure before I took a break.


Nova was the hero of Annihilation so I couldn't just leave him out. He's not a very interesting custom, but my challenge here was to get 3 working LEDs into his chest. The circuit I finally used was home made. I didn't have to use a resistor as the power supply was low enough. I didn't quite manage to incorporate a battery case or switch into him, so the watch battery sticks out of his back when he's lit up.

This was partly because my local eletronic supply shop couldn't quite get their heads round what I was trying to do and recommended a larger watch battery. I now think I could get the same effect by using smaller, more easily concealed batteries, but we live and learn.

Nova's spikes were made with the ends of toothpicks. Other than that and the LEDs. Not much to say here.