Phyla and Moondragon

I've been posting some of these pics on and I've been gettin positive feedback. It's nice to see. I'm not too sure how to get my images on Fwoosh so I just do an img link to these pics. The posters seem to want bigger photos though, so I need to find some way to get them over there.

Group Shots

Doctor Doom repaint


Quasar is Moondragon's lover. I just HAD to make her. I was going to use the same Rogue body that I used for Moondragon, but I chose to use the Wasp instead as I didn't want them to have too similar a body type.

Quasar was quite simple. Mostly a repaint and some detailing. Her cape is made out of a papier-mache that would make Neil Buchanan proud. It's very rigid but won't snap as easily as it would if it were made from a clay material.

I sprayed the inside of Quasars cape with white paint from a toothbrush. I wanted to get that cosmic starscape in there. Quasar doesn't have that effect in the comics, but her predecessor had it, and I thought it would be a nice touch.

She uses a large sword made out of quantum energy in the comics, which comes across as being like a big yellow lightsabre thing. I wasn't sure how to make this as it wasn't going to look good. As her hands weren't sculpted for holding things, I just left the sword out.


This was a tough one. Moondragon is a character that I've liked for a long time, because she is such a total bitch. It is difficult to find good female figures as the female form is difficult to articulate while keeping its feminine look.

I thought that this X-men Rogue figure had a good sculpt. Of course I had to remove the hair and all the detailing on her costume, and replace it with Moondragon's armour. This was a real challenge and I had rarely scupted women in the past.

I had to make her breasts bigger. Most female toys have small breasts... I think the manufacturers bend to pressure from PC groups who want toys to be wholesome. Moondragon has always had a formidable set on her though, and loves showing over her cleavage.

Drax the Destroyer

Drax was an interesting one. I had bought a figure on sale and didn't really know what to do with it. After I'd made Thanos, it made sense to make Drax. In comics, Drax is created to kill Thanos and pursues him across the galaxy. Drax eventually punched Thanos's heart out.

Drax was made from the torso of a Street Fighter Adon character, and the Punisher's trousers. I think I also used the Punisher's hands to replace those bulky bandaged mitts on Adon. Adon had a great set of gnashers so after I cut away most of his face, I was able to rebuild his lips and give him a snarl that I'm really happy with.

Thanos of Titan

Thanos was the first custom I'd attempted in years. I made him out of the grey Hulk here (which I hated as a figure cos of his Frankenstein head).

I think Thanos turned out well, and this was the first time I had used a Dremel to smooth out the details and etch new bits in.

I had to totally redo the head and hair. I tried to build it up from the teeth so that it would have depth and expression.

Second post

Well, it's been about 6 months since I last posted. Good to see that I've been keeping up with this. Ha ha.

Anyway, I've been making a few more customs, but not really at the rate I would have liked to. I now have customs of Drax, Moondragon and Quasar to join Thanos. I also repainted a Doctor Doom so that he doesn't look like a plastic coated tyrant.

Again, I'll put photos up once I take some. I'm wanting to make an Annihilus figure, but that is going to take a lot of work. I'm without a rotary tool at the moment so all that limb removal is going to have to wait and take a back seat to repaints and sculpts.

I'm also planning on an Adam Warlock figure, but again I'm waiting a month. The cover of the last issue he was in suggested that a new, cool costume is on the way, so I'll wait til I can get more images of that before I start in him.