New 6" Marvel Figures in the UK!

I know! What a shock that is!

Oh, by the way, I've decided to do some general action figure news updates to my blog too. Just to keep it flowing. I've got some customs in the works, and one that's finished and I just haven't updated about, so still plenty happening on that front.

Anyway, yeah, the Iron Man 2 figures have just come out here in the UK! They're pretty expensive actually at £12.99 each, but I've been mangin' for some 6" action... oh that came out wrong. So yeah, I snapped them up this morning.

There are 2 figures available so far: Iron Man Mark VI, and War Machine.

The Iron Man Mark VI figure is a bit... well... guff to be honest. It looks pretty cheap and while it's not the figure's fault, the armour design is just boring looking. I like the general red and gold scheme, but they've thrown in silver this time. It's a bit too chrismasy and just kinda dilutes the design.

The figure itself is pretty decent. The articulation is good where it isn't hindered by the armour. The sculpt is pretty sharp too, but I think he's posed to look like he's arching his back. This looks good when he's in a flying pose, but when he's standing, I think it makes him look quite... pregnant or malnourished. Neither is really a fetching look for a superhero.

The paint is the major flaw for the figure. The red plastic is very toylike and the gold and silver is sloppily done. There aren't any shadows on highlights, which is not unusual for Hasbro figures, but it just makes this figure look cheaply made.

Luckily he has some extra hands so that he can make different gestures, and he also has some weird cannon thing for his arm that looks like crap, but fills the "action figure" quota for a mass market kids toy.

War Machine is a lot better in my opinion. His articulation and sculpt are pretty much the same level as IM's, but this time without the bun in the oven. He is made from a different type of plastic to IM, and this one has a matte finish which really helps the toy look less toylike. His armour hinges at a couple of points, most impressively on his wrists, so that you can get a lot more out of his articulation.

His paint is nice too. Not remarkable really, but that's a good thing when it comes to hypercritical ol' me. He has the same changeable hands as IM, but he also has a couple of weapons to clip on that actually aren't terrible. He has a chain gun that fits on his shoulder and is articulated, and also a missile launcher to go on his other shoulder.

It's all good as far as War Machine is concerned.