Pack Attack!

I remember buying the fortnightly (and later weeklyMarvel UK comics of Secret Wars, Thundercats, Transformers and Action Force in the 80's and they would often have a back up strip of a non-toy based comic. One that springs to mind is Power Pack.

Power Pack are a little bit of an oddity in the super-hero world as they are a team of school kids. They aren't teenages, and keep their super lives a secret from their parents. Of course there are plenty of social issues thrown into the mix so that it's not all just fun and games.

Power Pack have recently been brought back in the Marvel Age line of comics, making them more appealing for kids today and casual comic readers. It's actually a great book with a lot of fun nods to the main Marvel Universe and are available in those great 'digest' books for great prices!
Anyway, to the toys!

Power Pack have never had toys, and child sized toys are very rare in the 6" superheroes scale. I shortened a figure of X-23, cutting the limbs between joints, taking great care not to expose or limit the articulation.

Here you can see a hero of average height, a late teens X-23 and my shortened version of her becoming the base for 3 of the Power Pack kids.

As the Power Pack kids are all different ages and I had already shortened X-23 to her limit, I had to find a different body to be the base for the youngest kid, Katie. Gollum from the Lord of the Rings was a great place to find this. He's very well articulated and diminutive, but I had to do a lot of work sanding him down to lose all that grotesque emaciated detailing.

The kids were finished off with X-23's head to retain a family resemblance (though Katie got Street Fighter Sakura's head) and given sculpted boots, hair and a brightly coloured superkid paint job.
Jack Power: Zero-G

Julie Power: Lightspeed

Jack Power: Mass Master

Katie Power: Energizer

Power Pack and adult sized figures for scale comparison.

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