Gender Bender X'mas

One of the sites that I post my customs on is

It's a very well organised site, especially for custom figures. Every so often they hold a contest and invite customisers to come up with new figures based on a certain theme.

In the past they have had Medieval, Supernatural and well, you get the idea. Anyway, the most recent contest is Gender Bender. It asks you to make a version of an existing character but the opposite sex.

One of the rules is that you can't post your figure on any other website until voting for the winner opens, so I'm not going to put any pictures or info up just yet.

In other news, Matalan are having a half price x'mas sale and that means that their already reduced Marvel Legends were going for £2 a piece. They have the Blob series in stock so I was finally able to pick up the figures from this series. A lot of them are pretty poor figures of pretty poor characters but the £2 price tag took all of the sting out of that. A lot of decent fodder in there though.


Wow. This came out much better than I had expected.

I finished Spider-Carnage at the weekend and am very happy with how he turned out. It was almost torturously boring to paint all the webbing on the costume, but I think it came out really well and I am happy with his finished heads and paint job.

The customer seems really happy too, so I will be sending him away anon. Wish I could keep him actually.