Warrack's Custom Legends 2010 Review

Well, happy new year, everyone! 2010 was a pretty successful year for my customs. I started it off with something that was a little unusual for me with a Jem custom, before rustling up some quick customs of Red Skull and Iron Man, and doing something that I'd wanted to do for a long time: make a light-tent so I can take better photos of my work.

I then moved onto doing what I consider to be a defining figure for me in 6" scale: Carnage. Carnage had a headswap which I feel has become a trademark of my customs, but also had plenty of accessories. He certainly proved to be very popular and there's been a lot of interest in him.

My most recent Carnage figure made its way over to the US into the hands of a very cool lad, Danny Curry. Here's a photo of Danny with Carnage. Judging by that smile, I'd say he was pretty satisfied. Hope you like him, Danny!

In June I started collecting some of the Masters of the Universe Classics figures and created the Sorceress of Grayskull to fit into that line, while back in my usual Marvel Legends zone, I made Machine Man & zombie Lockjaw. I was really proud of Machine Man and all his accessories. Following in the path of Carnage, he had guns, alternate hands, attachments and could even grow to giant height.

And he was joined by his zombie pal, Giant-Man later in the year.


Lady Octopus also rounded out the year and joined most of my other commissioned Legends with Bleach_Addict. You can see them all in this shot below, ranging from my early Annihilation work like Great Ultron, through my breakout piece, Spider-Carnage, my Beneath the Mask collection to some of my recent 2010 creations.

And right at the end of the year I managed to cram in Doppelganger as a test to myself and to add to my own collection.

I hope you've enjoyed my 2010 customs. I think 2011 may have some neat ones in store!

All the best for 2011,


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Anonymous said...

Awesome Carnage custom. Would you be able to do a 12" replica? Im interested