Quasar is Moondragon's lover. I just HAD to make her. I was going to use the same Rogue body that I used for Moondragon, but I chose to use the Wasp instead as I didn't want them to have too similar a body type.

Quasar was quite simple. Mostly a repaint and some detailing. Her cape is made out of a papier-mache that would make Neil Buchanan proud. It's very rigid but won't snap as easily as it would if it were made from a clay material.

I sprayed the inside of Quasars cape with white paint from a toothbrush. I wanted to get that cosmic starscape in there. Quasar doesn't have that effect in the comics, but her predecessor had it, and I thought it would be a nice touch.

She uses a large sword made out of quantum energy in the comics, which comes across as being like a big yellow lightsabre thing. I wasn't sure how to make this as it wasn't going to look good. As her hands weren't sculpted for holding things, I just left the sword out.

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