Tiger Shark

As I said below, a fairly simple custom. After Mysterio I wanted to keep this as easy as I could. I think he came out great and I was very happy with his expression.


All of Scorpion's ridges were filled with putty then sanded. This took forever and was totally boring. I wish they would release this body sculpt without the ridges, but ah well.

With the fin running from his head to his arse it meant that he would lose his neck articulation, but the commissioner didn't mind that at all. I could have tried some flexible options with latex etc. but we wanted to keep it simple.

In the end his fin was made from.... *drum roll*.... the plastic tub that you get your chinese curry in. I love these tubs. They are so versatile, although I use them mostly as paint palettes.

I didn't notice at first but this custom involved sculpting ears! AAAARGH! I hate em! I have no idea what their structure is meant to be. It's just a shape with random squiggles in it, and that bothers me. Curse you Nature!

His ears and fins are all fully sculpted.

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